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We spent a day at Magic Kingdom on our way home from Florida in December.  I haven’t been to Disney since I was a little and we had a great time.  I was sick a lot of the day but it was still so much fun.  We were the second ones to get to the park in the morning and that was totally the best idea to beat the lines.  I wasn’t able to ride some of the roller coasters so Tom did those in the evening.  Together we rode just about every ride in the park.  Next time we go we will have a little one or two with us and I am sure it will be even more fun.:)2015-04-07_00202015-04-17_00012015-04-17_00022015-04-17_00032015-04-17_00082015-04-17_00072015-04-17_00062015-04-17_00052015-04-07_00172015-04-07_00192015-04-17_00252015-04-17_00282015-04-07_00082015-04-07_00072015-04-07_00062015-04-07_00092015-04-07_00052015-04-07_00032015-04-07_00022015-04-07_00012015-04-07_00042015-04-07_00122015-04-07_00112015-04-07_00142015-04-07_00152015-04-07_00182015-04-07_00162015-04-07_00102015-04-17_00232015-04-17_00242015-04-17_00222015-04-17_00212015-04-17_00262015-04-17_0027

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A very long post sharing our completed honeymoon album. Enjoy!2015-04-15_00012015-04-15_00022015-04-15_00032015-04-15_00042015-04-15_00052015-04-15_00062015-04-15_00072015-04-15_00082015-04-15_00092015-04-15_00102015-04-15_00112015-04-15_00122015-04-15_00132015-04-15_00142015-04-15_00152015-04-15_00162015-04-15_00172015-04-15_00182015-04-15_00192015-04-15_00202015-04-15_00212015-04-15_00222015-04-15_00232015-04-15_00242015-04-15_00252015-04-15_00262015-04-15_00272015-04-15_00282015-04-15_00292015-04-15_00302015-04-15_00312015-04-15_00322015-04-15_00402015-04-15_00412015-04-15_00422015-04-15_00432015-04-15_00442015-04-15_00452015-04-15_00462015-04-15_00472015-04-15_00482015-04-15_00492015-04-15_00502015-04-15_00512015-04-15_00522015-04-15_00532015-04-15_00542015-04-15_00552015-04-15_00562015-04-15_00572015-04-15_00582015-04-15_00592015-04-15_00602015-04-15_00612015-04-15_00622015-04-15_00632015-04-15_00642015-04-15_00652015-04-15_00662015-04-15_00672015-04-15_00682015-04-15_00692015-04-15_00702015-04-15_00712015-04-15_00722015-04-15_00732015-04-15_00742015-04-15_00752015-04-15_00762015-04-15_00772015-04-15_00782015-04-15_00792015-04-15_00802015-04-15_00812015-04-15_00822015-04-15_00832015-04-15_00842015-04-15_00852015-04-15_00862015-04-15_00872015-04-15_00882015-04-15_00892015-04-15_00902015-04-15_00912015-04-15_00922015-04-15_00932015-04-15_00942015-04-15_0095

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  • Diane - I love the things you think to capture-license plate from the location, the life ring, etc. What a wonderful book!ReplyCancel

  • lauren - great work! it is a beautiful book! :)ReplyCancel

In March we:

Skied- Tom’s vacation continued into the first part of March, and got a ton more snow here as well

Shopped – at some great consignment sales and have way too many clothes for this little lady

Purchased – A new car for Tom and a car Lindsey can drive!

Tiled- our downstairs bathroom!  A long awaited project complete.  Tiling is messy and definitely a team effort for us.

Purchased – Door knobs for our whole house, just need to stain our doors now.

Met- Baby Porter for the first time and fell in love

Quilted – Almost finished sewing together another quilt top for a baby blanket.

Tore – out carpet in the nursery, added more electrical outlets, and repaired drywall

Played- outside and welcomed the warm weather!  A contrasting end to the beginning of March!

All photos taken with my iphone 5s 



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I am loving collecting vintage sheets and bits of fabric!  I am challenging myself to not just collect but actually be actively working on making something with them.  Good thing we have a very large dining room table that is perfect for quilting. I am most excited about the one made from tiny squares.  I have high hopes that I can make it into a king size quilt someday.  Luckily I just acquired a new bag of scraps to play with from my grandma at Easter!  Quilting is on my weekend to -do list.:) Have a good weekend! 2015-04-06_00022015-04-06_0003

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Lots going on around our house these days.  Drywall holes (from previous owners or existing problems that went unanswered) are getting fixed, carpet is getting ripped out, and our ceilings are getting re-textured.  So excited to see all the progress going on.2015-04-03_00012015-04-03_00022015-04-03_00032015-04-03_00042015-04-03_00052015-04-03_00062015-04-03_0007

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  • Diane - What is in that wall?? Poor Tommy!!ReplyCancel

    • Lindsey - It was a bird’s nest! They got in from the front of the house. We didn’t know until Andrew and Megan stayed the night and Andrew thought he heard birds in the walls! We sealed it off from the outside but it was a mess!ReplyCancel