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I am officially closer to 30 than 20!  So what’s better to do than to make a list of things to achieve this year.  I have attempted these kind of lists where you complete as many goals as years old you are before.  Usually I fail miserably, but I have decided to give it a go again this year.  Right now I am on a goal list making kick so I am hoping for success.  At least this year I actually completed writing the list so I am already ahead of the game.

1. Go on a “honeymoon”

2. Cook 5 new meals.

3. Sew a quilt.

4. Travel somewhere new.

5. Write and mail 5 letters.

6. Go one month with no Target shopping.

7. Volunteer.

8. Get a new passport and use it.

9. Purchase missing charms on bracelet.

10. Submit wedding publications.

11. Save “x” amount money each month into saving.

12. Do a month photo challenge.

13. Draw a floor plan for house.

14. Create 5 D.I.Y. Projects

15. Bike to downtown and back from our house.

16. Start a new retirement plan.

17. Continue to do Project Life in 2015.

18. Organize all our photos on the desktop computer in a system.

19. Photograph 10 new clients.

20. Completely finish re-doing “Family Room”

21. Completely finish 2 vacation trip scrapbooks.

22. Write down more stories.

23.  Enjoy this year as a family of 2.

24.  Submit scrapbook layout.

25. Create complete branding for photography

26. Draw up plan for flower beds in yard.

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I decided I wanted to make a quilt so I gathered up scraps of fabric that I had leftover from our wedding and just other stuff in general.  Then I went through my closet and took out dress shirts to cut up as well!  I had bought some fabric at the store, but I didn’t want to mess it up on my first try, so I decided to first attempt a small baby size quilt.  It’s not perfect and my lines aren’t straight but I love the colors and I can’t believe I actually made something like this!

2014-09-25_00012014-09-25_00022014-09-25_00032014-09-25_00042014-09-25_00052014-09-25_0006I tried a method online that I had read about with putting tape on the seams.  You stitch on both sides of the tape to keep consistent lines.  This didn’t work too well for me and in the end, I took the tape off and just used my presser foot as a guide on the fabric. 2014-09-25_00072014-09-25_00082014-09-25_00092014-09-25_00102014-09-25_00112014-09-25_00122014-09-25_00132014-09-25_00192014-09-25_00172014-09-25_0015I knew the binding would be the hardest part, and for me it was.  I don’t know why but I just made simple, easy mistakes and it ended up being pretty “messy” and by far not the correct way I am sure.  I followed a blog tutorial you can find here and I also followed a you tube video.2014-09-25_00162014-09-25_0018

I have lots of ideas for more quiltes, I hope to get to work on a new project soon!

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I waited all summer for these beauties to bloom.  I learned two things this year :

1. I should have planted them earlier in the spring

2. They need stakes to support them since they become so big and top heavy, they fall over.

2014-09-23_00072014-09-23_00062014-09-23_00082014-09-23_00022014-09-23_00012014-09-23_00032014-09-23_0004And one picture just for fun of my lawn guy mowing the grass.;)

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Some changes going on around here.  I updated the site and have been working on some behind the scene things around here like getting my categories more organized and thumbnail photos uploaded for all the missing ones.  Small details you might not notice but have been bugging me about this space.  Going through the archives I always think I blog things and then realize that I have not in fact shared this or that.  We have made lots of progress around our house since my last update apparently.  Sharing some photos today of what’s going around around the Gentry House.

Sorry the photos are out of order.

 2014-09-17_0009I like to multi – task.  Finally finally finally finished painting the entry way (ceiling and walls) all while watching Duck Dynasty.  (As seen in the background).  Removing the spindles from the front entry way.2014-09-17_00102014-09-17_0020Photo taken about 10 minutes before a trip to the ER for a table saw cut.  ONE week before our wedding.2014-09-17_0011Mixing up the self leveling cement that covered the heated floor wires.2014-09-17_00132014-09-17_00152014-09-17_00192014-09-17_00142014-09-17_00162014-09-17_0018Our most current project, the guest bedroom downstairs.  New flooring, fix and repair walls, ceiling patched, and new doors.2014-09-17_00212014-09-17_0022New vapor barier to keep the moisture out.  Pre-drywall hanging.2014-09-17_00292014-09-17_0023New drywall going up!2014-09-17_0024Yucky bathroom completely torn out and redone.2014-09-17_0026Making room for the drywall behind the beams.  This paneling proved to be an especially painful process to remove since it was put up prior to the beams or the rock in the fireplace.

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