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I am trying to document everything in a scrapbook for our girl.  Weekly bump pictures, her room being redone, and I wanted to capture all the sweet outfits she was gifted from others at our shower.  I think it will be so fun to look back and remember what she got.  (Dear future children, sorry when none of this happens for the second or third baby…I had the best intentions).  I have a few more outfits that got missed but its a great start.  In other news, it’s July 1st and just 3 days until her due date.  Please don’t be late baby.



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The other day while I was walking to the trash can with 3 very black bananas, I decided I love banana bread and I should attempt to try to bake some.  I haven’t ever tried to bake banana bread before because well baking bread sounds hard.  However, after some googling, much to my surprise this is a very simple thing to make!  I loved it.  My only complaint is that its very sweet and I might try to substitute out some of the sugar next time.  Still a very easy and delicious recipe so I thought I would share.


You can find the recipe here.

banana bread2015-06-26_00022015-06-26_0004If you are like me, you will probably pour it in great and then spill it later.:(2015-06-26_00032015-06-26_00052015-06-26_0006

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  • Diane - That makes me laugh about the spilling it!ReplyCancel

Every time I see maternity photos in water I always love them.  So at 37 weeks  I really wanted to document this time in our lives with some photos.  Luckily we have a great park just 2 minutes from our house that has a little creek running through it.  I grabbed Tom and asked him to capture some photos of me one night.  This whole session lasted about 15 minutes and I am in love with the images so much.  (For the shots of both of us we used a tripod on the creek bank and the timer button on the camera.)  Nothing too fancy, but I love them.  I was lucky with great light that night, a dress I already had in my closet that still fit, and a patient husband.   It was a good thing we picked that night too because it has rained and rained since then and the creek is probably a lot higher now!


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  • diane - Love those pictures! Tommy got wet. Were you splashing him?ReplyCancel

What better way to spend our final days as a family of 2 than at our local gym/waterpark.  Actually, the lazy river is about the only option I have of things I can do, but I don’t mind being the photographer/spectator for Tommy’s adventures.  Even floating on the lazy river isn’t as relaxing as it sounds with a big belly to fit in a tube.  There isn’t really a comfortable position.  However, Tom is just loving this “flow rider” wave machine.  All the rain we have been having has really been putting a damper on his water park days.  2015-06-18_00022015-06-18_0001Waiting for his turn…observing the pros. 2015-06-18_00032015-06-18_00042015-06-18_0005There is a “cheering/spectator section” in the front.  People love to laugh at the crashes. 2015-06-18_00062015-06-18_00072015-06-18_00082015-06-18_00092015-06-18_00102015-06-18_00122015-06-18_00112015-06-18_0013Proud of his run/ glad he didn’t break a limb!2015-06-18_0014

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It’s been go go go on our to-do lists around here and I haven’t taken the time to share many photos!  The nursery is coming together.  We still have shelves to install in her closet, some missing trim pieces, and odds and ends to finish up.  However, it is looking a lot more like a nursery now.  (Some of the frames are empty and will be redone once she is here and we take a million pictures of course).


This picture is mostly just to show off the doors Tom stained and installed.  (Yes, we know it needs a vent cover and trim)2015-06-16_0011Here are some throw back images to what this room looked like in January when we started remodeling it:2015-06-16_00092015-06-16_0010

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  • Diane - Wow! What a difference. Those doors are beautiful! Of course I love the things on the wall, too.ReplyCancel