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I love photographing seniors.  Zach’s session was great.  He was full of ideas and the light was gorgeous that night.  I hope he enjoys his photos as well.  2014-11-20_00012014-11-20_00022014-11-20_00042014-11-20_00062014-11-20_00072014-11-20_00082014-11-20_00092014-11-20_00102014-11-20_00112014-11-20_00122014-11-20_00132014-11-20_00142014-11-20_00152014-11-20_00162014-11-20_00172014-11-20_00182014-11-20_00192014-11-20_00202014-11-20_00212014-11-20_00222014-11-20_00232014-11-20_00242014-11-20_00252014-11-20_00262014-11-20_00272014-11-20_00282014-11-20_00292014-11-20_00302014-11-20_00312014-11-20_00322014-11-20_00332014-11-20_00342014-11-20_00352014-11-20_00362014-11-20_00052014-11-20_0003

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I love this family.  I have a long history of babysitting for these children, photographing their family from the beginning,and having them in my wedding!  I love them photographing them gives us a chance to reconnect and catch up even though we live in different cities now.  2014-11-13_00012014-11-13_00022014-11-13_00032014-11-13_00042014-11-13_00052014-11-13_00062014-11-13_00072014-11-13_00082014-11-13_00092014-11-13_00112014-11-13_00102014-11-13_00122014-11-13_00132014-11-13_00142014-11-13_00152014-11-13_00162014-11-13_00172014-11-13_00182014-11-13_00192014-11-13_00202014-11-13_00212014-11-13_00222014-11-13_00232014-11-13_00242014-11-13_00252014-11-13_00262014-11-13_00272014-11-13_00282014-11-13_00292014-11-13_00302014-11-13_0031

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When Kylie contacted me to take photos of her and her husband I was both thrilled and nervous.  It seems like I am mostly shooting family sessions these days, so of course that is what I am most comfortable with.  A lot of times I feel like couple sessions can be a lot of pressure, but also easy because unlike two year olds, they listen and do exactly what you ask.;) This session turned out to be one of my favorite to date.  Kylie and Mitchell were so great and welcoming to all my crazy ideas and direction.  Kylie is gorgeous and it really shows in these photos.



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Switching to Nikon has kind of something that I have been thinking about and mulling over for some time now.  There were 2 major influences for this move.

1.  Tom and I both had a lot invested in our cameras and equipment when we met.  It was a shame to not be able to use each others gear.  It makes sense to be on the same team.

2.  Focus.  I just can’t get over what a difference Nikon is over Canon in focusing.  My 5d Mark II was an amazing, top of the line camera, that often got focusing wrong. I picked up Tom’s Nikon D3 and the images were so sharp!  I was won over.  It felt weird and I still don’t know where all the controls are, but I am learning and learning fast since Nikon makes everything simple. Their camera designs feature buttons on the exterior of the camera vs hidden inside the menu like my 5d was.  A lot quicker and easier to change when you are trying to keep up with kids and get the shot.

So excited to have this new shiny camera and the amazing high ISO capabilities, and auto white balance is crazy accurate.  But as always, the best camera is the one you have with you!:)


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This was a fast, exciting, emotional month for us.

I turned 26, and Tom bought me an ice cream cake, bless his heart.

We celebrated life and death and everything in between.

We said our goodbyes to two Grandfathers as one moved onto heaven and the other to Florida.

I cut ten inches off my hair.

I was blessed with lots of photo sessions and Tom was blessed with lots of soccer to ref. Basically we worked a ton in October.

It snowed on Halloween and we had no trick or treaters. Last year was our record year with 11 kids, the year before just 3.:)

My roses went crazy blooming in the cool fall weather.

I switched to Nikon and got a new camera!

Ready to take on November and what it holds for our family.


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