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Columbia was easily my least favorite port.  The city was rundown, the people pestered you to buy their goods, and there was trash everywhere.  The best part of this port was getting back on the boat.  I just felt like it was dangerous to be walking around as much as we were. (In the end, we were fine and didn’t have any trouble.)  I am pretty sure we are the only people on the boat that walked from the downtown city area back to the port.  Mostly because it was difficult to even find our way back into the port and everyone seemed confused why we were there.  At the port, they built a tourist area with a mini zoo.  This was the best part, watching and photographing the birds.  Tom enjoyed the fort, but decided not to go inside since it cost a lot to enter. I sent a postcard home from this country and it only took about 2 months to make it back to Indiana! I thought that thing was long gone. The flowers in the picture are some of my favorite tropical flowers.  I remember them from my trip to Costa Rica with my sister in high school.  They are just so bright and beautiful. 2015-03-02_00012015-03-02_00022015-03-02_00032015-03-02_00042015-03-02_00052015-03-02_00062015-03-02_00072015-03-02_00082015-03-02_00092015-03-02_00102015-03-02_00112015-03-02_00122015-03-02_00132015-03-02_00142015-03-02_00152015-03-02_00162015-03-02_00172015-03-02_00182015-03-02_00192015-03-02_00282015-03-02_00212015-03-02_00222015-03-02_00232015-03-02_00242015-03-02_00252015-03-02_00262015-03-02_00272015-03-02_0020

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The island of Curacao was one of my favorite stops on the cruise.  I just loved the bright colors and the walking bridge moves to allow for big ships to pass through.  That was a really  unique!  We took a tour of this island and learned a lot of cool facts.  All of their food and imports come from Venezuela since its the closest main island.  Most of the beaches here were privately owned so we didn’t swim while we were here.   We also visited a liquor plantation and Tom sampled the local made liquor.  He was not a fan! The weather was beautiful for our visit and we had a great time here. 2015-02-22_00292015-02-22_00012015-02-22_00092015-02-22_00062015-02-22_00072015-02-22_00082015-02-22_00102015-02-22_00252015-02-22_00112015-02-22_00272015-02-22_00122015-02-22_00282015-02-22_00132015-02-22_00142015-02-22_00152015-02-22_00172015-02-22_00182015-02-22_00192015-02-22_00262015-02-22_00202015-02-22_00212015-02-22_00162015-02-22_00222015-02-22_00232015-02-22_00052015-02-22_00242015-02-22_00042015-02-22_00022015-02-22_0003

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  • Diane - Wait! That looks like a whole different Curacao than what we saw. Except for the bridge. I think I need to go back!ReplyCancel

I am excited to share images with you today from a bridal shower I photographed.  I was so honored to take photos at Kayla’s beautiful bridal shower.  This was one of the most beautiful showers I have been to and the games were very exciting and unique.  Each guest sewed buttons on a quilt square that another guest is going to combine into a beautiful blanket for the bride and groom.  What a great idea. Kayla had a beautiful sunny warm day in January for her shower.  Best wishes to Kayla and Kyle for a beautiful wedding in June and life of happiness together. 2015-02-20_00042015-02-20_00012015-02-20_00232015-02-20_00022015-02-20_00262015-02-20_00182015-02-20_00032015-02-20_00062015-02-20_00112015-02-20_00122015-02-20_00222015-02-20_00132015-02-20_00142015-02-20_00152015-02-20_00162015-02-20_00172015-02-20_00192015-02-20_00202015-02-20_00212015-02-20_00242015-02-20_00252015-02-20_00102015-02-20_00092015-02-20_00272015-02-20_00272015-02-20_00282015-02-20_00292015-02-20_00302015-02-20_00312015-02-20_00052015-02-20_00082015-02-20_00072015-02-20_0032

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Some progress has been going on around our house lately so I thought it was time to do another house update post.  The photos aren’t that great but things are moving and that’s what’s important.

Recently we (meaning Tom) have installed a ceiling fan/light in the soon to be nursery, added can lights to our hall way instead of the low hanging overhead light that was there, added more trim to the nearly finished family room, and worked on putting wood floor on the stairs.  We also recently purchased wood flooring for the rest of the house (upstairs bedrooms and landing), so hopefully that will be making its way out of the living room and into the bedrooms.

Next up is having someone out to re-mud our ceilings and fix the holes, fixing and painting walls in the guest room and nursery, and laying flooring in the nursery!



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