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painting partner

my favorite painting partner (no we did not dress alike on purpose ) it’s a good thing this paint looksView full post »

making progress

i must give the boy credit, now that soccer season is over, he is working on project like mad around the house. hisView full post »

chop chop

this boy loves the chainsaw no branch has gone untouched in our out-of-control yard. there wasn’t really muchView full post »

studio progress

finally the studio has been stripped of all the wallpaper. i really only had behind these shelves left and finishedView full post »

at home: on my walls

the previous owners of our home really did a number on our walls. i am not exaggerating when i say each wall needsView full post »

at home: oh wallpaper

oh wallpaper. i hate you so. from a design perspective, you are ugly. from a clean perspective, you are dirty. from aView full post »